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It is our belief that all existing security programs can be improved through the improvement of security management techniques.  .  This is not an appraisal of individual performance, but rather an assessment of the effectiveness of the entire management team. This audit will include an examination of your organizational structure, chain of command, manager to staff ratio, reporting structure and structural strengths and weaknesses. We will assess the methods and policies of your security management as well as how plans are developed and resources utilized.   We will then provide recommendations for improvement in these areas if necessary.

Security Management Audits

Security Departments, like all other departments, should be established in a logical fashion for the purpose of accomplishing the mission of the department and of the institution.  It is thereby necessary that there be a security master plan that not only clearly defines the mission of the department and institution, but also includes the administrative and tactical plans necessary for successful day to day operation.  The master plan should not only allow for the means and methods used to protect the property today, but should also outline the projected growth and changes in the future that may include changes in personnel levels, technology advances and programmatic issues.  PMR can assist in the assessment of current master plans or in the development of such plans.

Security Master Planning

Do you employ, or are you considering the hiring of a contract security company to provide your security services?  PMR can help you make the right decision for your institution.  Having experience with both proprietary and contract security personnel we can share the pros and cons of both models and help you decide which on best suits your needs and fits your culture.  If contract security is your choice, we can then provide technical support in:

· RFP Development

· Proposal Review and comment

· Contractor Interviews

· Contractor Selection Support

Contract Security Resources

Clearly the most visible segment of your security program is your security staff.  Whether the Chief security officer or the part-time museum attendant, these positions are highly visible and highly important to the success of your program.  It is important therefore that the personnel be hired smartly, trained correctly, deployed sensibly and managed appropriately.

· Job Description Development for all positions from security director to museum attendant.

· Advertising, search and hiring assistance and support.

· Training program development

· Terminations and/or  RIF support

Security Staffing and Hiring

Security Program Development

Emergency Management Planning

Labor Negotiations

Policy and Procedure Development

Our experienced management staff can analyze your existing security program and make recommendations that will fit your institution and your culture.  Sometimes this will involve using only existing resources, and sometimes it will involve the transfer of security assets from one part of your program to another.  We strive to make the most of your existing security structure to give you the most “bang for the buck”.

The security for a cultural institution should include a comprehensive security program that consists of access control, electronic security, video surveillance, and personnel distribution.  The use of one or two of these elements may be somewhat helpful, but only when a program integrates all of the above elements in the appropriate manner and ratio, will the best security solutions be achieved.   PMR can assist in the development of this program and the integration of your existing resources.  We can also design and develop all aspects of a security program if desired.

Although often left unfinished and incomplete, we all understand the value of current and valid emergency response and management plans.  At PMR we have decades of experience in emergency management planning.  We have worked with and for Statewide Emergency Management agencies as well as the Department of Homeland Security.  We possess the most up to date knowledge in the Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System which are the national standards in emergency planning.  We believe in an “all-hazards” approach to emergency planning and understand there are certain protective actions that must happen regardless of the nature of the emergency. 

We can assist your institution in the design and implementation of these plans, as well as the training in moving forward in creating living and breathing emergency management plans.

Whether employing a proprietary security force or a contract entity, your staff may be unionized.  If your security staff is unionized you know the time and effort involved in labor negotiations.  Successful contract negotiations can result in a much improved security product.   PMR offers assistance in many areas of labor negotiations, including contract review, proposal recommendations and impact bargaining.  Our experience as former union leaders as well as management gives us a unique perspective to the issue of labor relations. 

It is imperative that all security departments have some form of policies and procedures that govern the conduct and performance of the staff.  It is our belief at PMR that one size does not fit all, and each institution possesses its own culture and environment.  Accordingly, your policies and procedures should be in line with industry best practices, but also reflect your unique environment.  We have a vast database of policies and procedures that we can select from and expertly adapt to fit your situation.

Security Liaison Optimization

A security department that exists alone and without coordination and cooperation with other departments within the institution can never be really successful.  We believe that coordination with other departments such as Curatorial, Registrars, Visitor Services, Education and others is a vital role in protecting your institution.  We can help you to optimize your relationship between these departments by recommending an appropriate relationship structure that reflects your institution and security best practices.  We believe security must share “a seat at the table”, when major operational decisions are made and we can assist in preparing your security department to better handle this important responsibility.